Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How wonderful is this!

Great impromptu piano duet by a 90-year-old couple in the Mayo Clinic lobby.


  1. oh that video just made my day :)
    thanks for sharing...
    what is this mayo clinic?
    are they a married couple?

    my fav part was how she kept looking up from the piano and looked at who was watching them.. hee
    that was so great. loved to tune! thanks

  2. Great share, Linda!
    That was SO CUTE!

    steffo_gal, you can learn more about The Mayo Clinic here:

    I loved how the lady was giggling the whole time and how the gentleman was just bouncin' away as he played the piano. He was really having fun!! :)

  3. Great job with the music
    I pray I have that much
    spunk when I am 90

  4. that was OFF T"HE HOOK!!!!!!!!!! Those two are amazing at their age. I have a 91 year old neighbor who also is in great shape...hope I am that lucky also :D)

  5. WOW!!!! The fact that it was at a waiting area at the Mayo Clinic really warmed my heart. A little fact that most people don't know unless they have had to go there...

    Once you are able to get your initial appointment witht eh specialist, that is only the beginning. The specialist will then recommend tests, procedures, other specialists, etc. You then have two options, schedule them which could take months to get the next appointment...or wait. You go to each different doctor or department (lab xray etc) some will give you a beeper, some you just sit and wait. You meet people from all over the US (even world) looking for answers, and treatment plans. I sat for the better share of a week with my son (then 10) who was very ill at the time. ANYONE who can lighten moments like those are truely angels walking on earth!!

    Sorry for the long post!!