Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm getting Miffed!

Registration for the Summer CHA 2009 (Craft and Hobby Association Summer Convention and Trade Show) has opened. No, I'm not miffed at CHA. I'm miffed because ProvoCraft will be introducing new product releases at Summer CHA 2009.


What is the deal with that?? When are we going to see these cartridges on the store shelves?? Where is A Child's Year or Ashlyn's Alphabet or European Decor or Stamping Solutions or Kitchen & Bath Decor or Sponge Bob (gag me...sorry) or Hanna Montana (rolling my eyes...sorry)?

I know. Yes. I do realize that they told us before hand that these cartridges wouldn't be released until somewhere around 'April - June' but stinkin' jeepers!! Why even tell us about them??


  1. I couldn't agree more! very aggevating!

  2. I also agree with you. I get so I stop looking for them.

  3. Couldnt agree more with you.

  4. Your stinkin' jeepers made me laugh. Yes I agree with you too.

  5. It's all about the all mighty dollar. I keep reading about everyone's frustration with Provo Craft and it's the same: their customer service stinks! Yet, we love the product so much, we keep buying and don't really care. We can keep complaining, but until it makes a dent in the bank, nothing will change. The love we have for the product, seems to be worth the hassle, why else would all of us tolerate this?

    I hope something changes, but I really don't see that happening.

    Here's to hopeful change.

  6. thus makes me grateful i got the SCAL earlier this year!! *sigh* at PC

  7. Their marketing dept. is pushing the new products but the production dept. can't deliver. They are still 6 months in arrears from their "get 2 cartridges when buying an expression from Nov.2008." I feel sorry for those with the lastest Jukebox promotion - they won't get theirs until after Christmas.

  8. RE: "I feel sorry for those with the lastest Jukebox promotion - they won't get theirs until after Christmas."

    Actually Anonymous, I'm hearing from several gals that have already received their Jubilee/Home Decor/Jukebox package. Weird huh. ~Linda

  9. I want to go to CHA so bad

    I got the promo deal and like both carts. I got JB for free so it is all good

    I probably would not have bought JB but for free who can turn it down. I did take it with me to a crop last night since the hostess did not have CDS so I decided which 6 carts I would possible use. IT was not a problem since we only cropped 5 hours. I used only 3 different carts for titles
    I am so dependent on CDS now, that I have to cut shapes without seeing how it will cut.
    I truly do not waste as much paper that way

  10. I am also happy to report (but sad for those still waiting for their offers to arrive) that I got my Jubilee/Home Decor/Jukebox package in less that 2 weeks. I redeemed my cricut reward points from Jubilee and some other points I had accumumlated to order a 200 point cartridge last week and I got it today! I was amazed at how fast they turned it around. I don't understand it either!

  11. What cartridge can you get for 200 points?

  12. You can get Office Help for 200 points.

    I also go my Jubilee/Home Decor/Jukebox promo already. I've had mine for a couple of weeks. I never planned on buying a Jukebox. I wasn't impressed with it when I received it either. It holds 6 cartridges...I have over 50 so it's not super useful for me....but it was free!

    And I am so sick and tired of PC taking 6 months and longer to ship products they announce. Honestly, their production depart sucks. There's no other way to put it. I'd be ashamed to work there!

    The other thing I dislike is the vendors who take orders the day they are announced. They take your payment and have your money for months before they ship your items. I understand they don't have the products. Then don't do pre-sales! I've been screwed twice and stopped purchasing from pre-sales. You don't get a bargain anyway.

  13. Am I living in an alternate universe? I've had the home decor solutions cartridge for months. No idea where I bought it. The official cricut site sez it's NOT AVAILABLE (leaving us all to wonder why it's posted at all--though it is available through the jukebox offer). These are the same folks who said Doodletype would never be offered for sale. Yeah, right. I take that as a sign that they do respond to pressure, but it was a lot of pressure.
    I also remember seeing some low-quality pics of what's on the European Decor cartridge online.
    And while I'm complaining, one should be able to upgrade one's firmware without windoze.

  14. The 200 point cartridge was Office Help. I honestly am not sure how I am going to use it but I think it might be to cut vinyl signs for my church. I like the English/Spanish text.
    I don't plan to buy any other font cartridges since I bought SCAL. It is great and I love Michelle at videos and tips.

  15. I made a mistake...Michelle is at