Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Organizing Tips

Need to get organized? Take a few tips from the Paper Wishes design team on how to stash your stuff—and still be able to find it!

Embellishment storage: I keep my embellishments in plastic containers with individual compartments. I’ve added labels to the ends of the containers so I can see on the shelf which container has which embellishments. —Laura

Template storage: I keep all my templates in a 3-ring binder—this way they’re easy to find, organized, and don’t get bent or damaged. —Susan

Another template storage option: When storing templates, keep them from bowing by hanging them from the punched hole at the top. I put mine on a binding ring to keep them all together and it makes a great hanger. —LeNae

Stamp storage: Because my craft room has a lot of natural light, I make sure to store my wood-mounted stamps with the rubber side away from the window, as sunlight can really damage them. I also keep my clear acrylic stamps in a covered container, away from the sunlight. And because my tiny craft room is also the laundry room, I make sure to keep the door open when the dryer is running so it doesn’t get too warm—extreme heat and cold can also damage stamps. —Sara

Tool storage: I keep a piece of pegboard on the wall next to my worktable to hang supplies. You can pick up pegboard at any home or garden center, and you can even spray paint it a fun coordinating color or the same color as your crafting space wall. It’s great for hanging spools of ribbon, templates, stamp packages and tools. —LeNae

Paper storage: I keep my cardstock organized by color schemes in vertical paper storage containers. This makes it easy to see what I have and easy to pull out what I need. —Laura

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  1. thanks for sharing org tips... always need new ideas :)