Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Slice Update - Worth Reading

Long but worth reading...looks like the Slice just may give Cricut a run for their money.


To Our Valued Slice Customers,
The build up and anticipation of the first Slice release has been one for the record books. In our company's nearly 15-year history, no product has been received with as much fanfare - and with as long of as a waiting list - as this one. While we've been thrilled with the initial frenzy, we're also aware that updates are necessary to ensure that the Slice performs consistently at the high levels you've come to expect from Making Memories.

One of the most exciting features about the Slice is the built-in ability to upgrade its performance and function by simply installing a new design-card firmware upgrade. It will be as simple as adding a new ring tone to your cell phone or a new song on your "iPod!"

Many of these upgrades will be provided to registered Slice owners as soon as our product team develops them! If you have a PC and do not already have an SD card reader, then you may consider purchasing one so you can easily download your Slice updates and upgrades from as soon as they're available. If you prefer, we'll certainly be able to help you access upgrades through other channels as well, such as through standard mail. As always, our real-person customer service team will be here to help you.

We are immediately offering the following updates:


We have created a new calibration program that will help you "tune" your Slice into its ideal operational setting, to ensure your cuts match the images on your screen - even at the smallest sizes. This will eliminate "warps and wobbles" in some of the smaller cuts and sharpen up the image. Our team has created two ways that you will be able to access this new calibration feature:

Basic Shapes 1" Design Cards are now programmed with the new Calibration feature. These cards have shipped to all of our customers who registered their Slice on our web site. If you have registered and have not received your replacement card, please email our customer service team (customerservice@makingmemories) so we can track your order and ensure your replacement arrives.

We also have created a downloadable software update for Slice, complete with the new Calibration feature. Currently, we have enlisted the help of consumers who are representing you as Beta Testers. They are testing the ease and reliability of this online feature. Once we have received their feedback and blessing, we will make this online option available to you, initially for PC's and eventually for Mac's.

It has come to our attention that the Owl design on the Just Chillin' card creates an irregular cutting pattern. This shape has been re-programmed, and a downloadable update is being tested by our Beta Test team as we speak. If you would like to have us repair your Just Chillin' card before the online update becomes available or if you don't have access to a PC, please send your Just Chillin' Design Card in a padded envelope. Make sure to contact customer service at prior to sending your card back so they can provide you with the address and shipping details.

If you prefer, you can email us at and we'll send you a postage-paid envelope so you can send in your card for repair. We'll return your updated Just Chillin' Design Card within three business days after receiving your card, so you can get back to enjoying your design cuts.

Here is a sneak-peek of some other offerings that are coming shortly:

We just released our first online message board live on Our dedicated Slice Message Board will keep you posted about the latest software updates, status reports, and best of all, new products that will make your Slice more useful and enjoyable than ever before.

Speaking of new products, we have a number of exciting Slice accessories in the works - many of which have been inspired by your emails to us and your discussions on message boards. Among the new tools coming your way in 2009 are:

Drawing Tips: Anything your Slice will cut and emboss, it will also draw!
Image Mirroring: This will allow you to "flip" your image instead of your paper and will also be great for embossing, de-bossing, window-vinyl, quilting appliqué, and more.

Image Shadowing: You will be able to cut the shadow for every new image - Awesome!!

Multi-Cut: If you want to cut the same image multiple times, you will be able to cut up to four in one step!

Slice Speed Boost™: A Speed Updater will help your Slice complete cuts faster than ever before, allowing you more time to create.
Plus, we've got some top-secret functionality in the works that I can't wait to share with you! But I'll have to wait just a bit longer before the "big reveal."

Thank you for being the BEST customers ever! We know everything's not perfect, but we are moving at lightning speed to get there. Our goal is to make the Slice your "cordless drill and iPod" for creativity- compact, convenient, easy to use and FUN, FUN, FUN. With your help combined with Making Memories' great service and fast upgrades . . . we'll get there together!

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  1. Wow Making Memories does sound like the really learned from PC's mistakes. It really sounds like they are trying to keep up with their growth and anticipate it. It's like they are also asking for permission to run a little behind sometimes rather than begging for forgiveness like PC kinda of should do. (Usually it's better the other way around admittedly but not when it comes to customer service.)

    If the slice didn't cut so tiny it would be something I'd buy for the great customer service I think.