Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two New Cricut Cartridges to be released June 7th

According to Kim over at Cutterscreek, Provocraft is releasing 2 new cartridges. They are called Simply Sweet (font cartridge) and Stand & Salute (military themed shape cartridge). Release date is June 7. Screenshots to come.


Comments from the Cricut Message Board:

From HappyScrapperDiane:
I just got an email about some new cartridges that will be coming out July 1 is the day my distributor is reporting. They will be selling Jubilee, Simply Sweet. Stand and Salute and a solutions Home Decor. They will also be offering a promotion that the link is not working yet. I did not think they were releasing the ones that were offered for a special, but according to this email that is not the case. It was a big poster type email, but it is a preorder for me. I am very interested in the Stand and Salute, but would like to see some of the pictures. Just thought I would pass that along so you can be enabled!!!

From Rscowtown1:
the only wee pic i got from my supplier indicates july 1 as release, i can see the American flag on one box, fonts on 2 and the other is solutions.
jubilee, simply sweet, stand and salute and home decor are listed. the pics are less than 1" tall and i cannot copy them.


  1. Tease!!! You have to post pictures!! although we know how PC is about pics.

  2. No really, I don't have them. I'm waiting for them to be released myself. ~Linda

  3. cannot as in it won't drag for me. im not sworn to secrecy about them or anything, i tried to drag them LOL

  4. You forward it to me...I can make it drag. ~Linda

  5. cant blame them. Look what happened with the last release because they had a picture of something that they decided not to use on the cartridge. Now they're just covering their butts.
    I can wait!

  6. My brothers in the Navy. I would love to have the military cartridge. People have been asking for it a long time. They can just stop production on some of these cartridges. Too many Disney. I know a lot of the ladies can afford to buy them all but I can't. Thanks for all the info you send us. I knmow you'll send the pics as soon as you get them.


  7. I received a Home Decor cartridge with my Cricut when I purchased it a month or so ago. Is this the same cartridge?

  8. Angela, If you have Home Decor then yes it is. There is also a cartridge called Home Accents so be careful not to confuse the two. ~Linda

  9. I already received the jubilee & home décor from a mothers day promotion through the cricut website. I still haven't played with them too much.

  10. It's nice to have new carts. I am just wondering with all the new one will they ever get around to adding them and updateing DS?

    Thank you for all the information!

  11. With what our information is as I look at an email from Provo Craft, these will not SHIP FROM PC until the LAST WEEK of June (which could very well be delayed), not June 7th like Cutter's Creek claims. That corresponds better with the date range on the Cricut Ticket promo. Here at Oh My Crafts, we'll begin pre-selling them all today.