Thursday, July 2, 2009

A new idea for Vinyl

My daughter-in-love got this idea for birthday gifts for her daughter's little friends. Her idea is to use these in the car (once the candy is gone) to store coloring books, markers, paper, etc. and then use the box/lid as a desk while riding. DIL's pawpaw made the sliding lids and I cut the vinyl letters from Storybook for her. She then distressed the tops and the vinyl letters.

I should have taken a picture of the underside of the lid but didn't so I'll try to explain. The top is a smooth piece of lightweight wood that was a few inches wider than the box. On the bottom side of the lid, her PawPaw tacked 3 ridges that when the lid was slid onto the plastic box, made it fit snuggly. That's what the ribbon is glued to.

Cute huh. And who knew you could distress vinyl.








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  1. Great idea!!!! I'm thinking of all those stamped images, and printed images that are waiting to be colored ... and my copics .... in the car or the living room in front of the TV. This could go anywhere. And, nice job on the letters!

  2. Great ideas eiyiyi!! Thanks for sharing. ~Linda

  3. NOW THATs a great idea!!! oh gosh thanks for sharing :)
    with a grin,

  4. Very nice project! Did she sand them before you apply the letters to the lid...they look sanded. I should ask...are they sanded?

  5. LMcBurney, yes, she sanded the top and vinyl letter. =)