Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 More New Cricut Cartridges Announced

Expected to hit the stores in early 2010...

Cricut Cartridge, Superman Activity
Superman is one of the most recognizable symbols of Truth, Justice, and the American way, and you can create your own adventures with this Superman cartridge. In addition to images of Superman, Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, and Supergirl, this cartridge contains an exciting comic-style font that is great for decorating scrapbooks, a child's room, or your own comic book. You can also cut out cards, envelopes, boxes, party favors, Clark Kent's glasses, and other decorations that would be perfect for an action-packed birthday party!

Cricut Cartridge, Elmo's Party
Make your birthday party complete with Elmo, one of the most beloved characters on television today. This cartridge features Elmo and his friends, plus 3D images you can cut out for an Elmo's World themed birthday party, such as cards, party hats, party decorations, gift boxes, party games, and much more. You can also decorate daycare centers, classrooms, scrapbook pages, and nurseries for your biggest Elmo fan.

Cricut Cartridge, Batman Activity
Batman: The Brave and the Bold is a new animated series that teams the crime-fighting Dark Knight and his friends against fearsome foes. This cartridge contains images of Batman, Green Arrow, the Blue Beetle, Aquaman, Red Tornado, and The Joker, along with an action-style font that would be ideal for your child's room, homemade comics, or scrapbook pages. You can also cut out an exciting assortment of party supplies, such as costume pieces, party favors, gift boxes, cards, envelopes, and 3D gadgets that will make your birthday kid feel like a Hero.

Cricut Cartridge, Designer’s Calendar
Stop settling for boring calendars and make your own instead! This cartridge contains everything you need to create beautiful, personalized calendars, including months, days of the week, major holidays, and images. As a bonus, you also get two fonts with shadows so you can customize special days and events. Designer's Calendar is a versatile resource that can be used for home decor, scrapbooking, card making, and other projects just let your imagination take the lead!


  1. Loving the calendar one - really practical. Thanks for sharing - any timeline on release?

  2. I am beside myself with glee about the Superman and Batman carts! I was hoping their would be one cart with lots of the other super heros included (Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern) but this will do...for now!

  3. I am SO EXCITED! I have been wanting more BOY cartridges for years and now they are coming. Now I am still hoping for Spiderman, Transformers, Wolverine, ....oh boy....It is something my son is excited about now that he has seen the pictures of things we can make. Get the vinyl ready........................Tammy M