Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clark Color Labs

6 cent prints! Can't beat that I don't think anywhere! Make sure you use the coupon code to get your discount.


  1. Hmm guess they aren't online...Wish they were closer.

    I never get deals like that.

  2. As an elementary art teacher, I love trying new products. Elmer's is the only adhesive brand that I use in the classroom. Of course, all of these products can be used at home or at school and would be put to good use!

  3. I have 7 grandchildren and they all love to craft. I love Elmer's products and would love to try their new ones. As a scrapper, I always am looking for a new product to glue my projects together and Elmers is a trusted p

  4. Though I've been scrapping for a short time, I've fallen for this art like everyone else here. Times are tough and money is short for all, these would be great to have on hand and get my kids involved, but what I'd really love is to take the other set and donate it to my church. All of our "craft" items are very worn and torn, we don't have cool stuff like this and it would be great for my Sunday School class to use these items for their bible crafts.