Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gypsy Gypsy Gypsy...are you tired of hearing about it yet?

Quote from Cindy at Memory Making Crafts:

Here are questions that were requested to ask, here's PC responses.

Will the Gypsy Version include ALL the features of the current Design Studio or will features be reduced to facilitate operation on a handheld device, ie, a Design Studio Lite?
Yes the Gypsy will have everything the DS has and then some. The only thing is lacks now is individual select but that should come with an update soon.

Have the bugs that have plagued Design Studio been corrected and/or reduced? If so, which ones specifically?
Yes it is completely different from DS written from the ground up. DS issues have no bearing on the Gypsy.

Since Design Studio was introduced, users have asked (okay.... we have begged, nagged, whined, and even cried) for the following options:
Group all/ Ungroup all
Select all/Deselect all
Weld all/ Unweld all

Yes it does group, select all, weld options and more.

Given that Windows 7 will be here shortly, ProvoCraft can you please confirm that Design Studio and the Gypsy are both able to work with Windows 7?
Yes, we are prepared to update the gypsy with windows 7 when it comes out.

If cartridges can only be loaded once in the Gypsy, what happens if my Gypsy breaks or the software malfunctions? What procedures/policies does PC have for retrieving lost data and cartridges ~ both in and out of warranty?
First is that the cartridges you have do not get erased. Second if the Gypsy malfunctions while in warranty it will be replaced by PC with a Gypsy that has an identical serial # to the faulty one and you can then reload the carts again. If the Gypsy is lost, damaged, stolen, or out of warranty then you will need to purchase a new one also with the same serial # as the former one and then reload the cartridges.


I have only one comment/question about this and it's concerning the last line above. Per above, if your G breaks, gets lost or stolen, etc AFTER the warranty then you will have to buy another G with the same serial do you do that? Will it have to come directly from PC which would mean paying full retail??? If so then RUN as fast as you can girls 'cause their suggested retail is a whopping $400 bucks!


  1. It seems like they are doing everything to make it so you don't want to buy it. I would tell everyone to just buy SCAL 2. Then you can cut anything you want.

  2. thank you linda i was going crazy.thinking it was my computer.i was about to call support.and i turned on my laptop and say your site on my email. went on it and you answerd my question.about not being able to go into my gypsy.thank you again

  3. Linda thank you so much for keeping us updated.