Saturday, July 25, 2009

Letterpress - New from CHA ( with not yet released images for download)

So have you guys heard about the brand new Letterpress that is being released at CHA next week? It debosses/embosses and PRINTS!!

So do you like this idea? embosser that PRINTS!! Would you be interested in this type of product? Would you want to see the .pdf file that contains the brand spanking new L Line that is being release on Monday? I mean like NOBODY has these images yet....YOU will see them even BEFORE THE VENDORS THAT ARE AT CHA RIGHT NOW!! They don't even have images of this product on the Letterpress blog yet!! How cool is that!!

Click HERE to see the new not even released yet images. And click HERE to go to the Letterpress blog to see how the machine works.



The standard letterpress process involves printing words or designs with ink while simultaneously debossing it into a thick, soft paper. Over the past several years letterpress has seen a resurgence in popularity, evolving into a modern art form that epitomizes class and high quality.

Letterpress printing has seen a revival in the past few years, particularly due to the interest created by the use of letterpress for wedding invitations in contemporary magazines and websites. The popularity of this form of printing has continued to grow and become one of the most sought after looks for stationery, invitations, cards, gifts, coasters etc. Because of the size, price and lack of accessibility to a traditional letterpress machine, this art form has yet to become available to the everyday home crafter...until now.

The Letterpress from Lifestyle Crafts, or L, sets the standard for easy to use, affordable letterpress printing that's practical for any home crafter. With the L Letterpress product line you can create handmade letterpress projects like cards, invitations, gifts, stationery and more. From simple day-to-day expressions and correspondence to momentous occasions like weddings and babies, the L Letterpress enables you to creatively celebrate every event in life.

L Printing Plates feature fresh, contemporary designs that are divided into 5 categories:


This innovative Letterpress solution is portable, efficient and certain to impress.


  1. This machine looks very interesting-I have never heard of this before-Do you think the plates would work in the cuttlebug? I can't tell for sure how "wide" they are.

  2. very interesting!!!!Wonder if it will be available @ the big chain art stores....

  3. Love the idea - thanks for sharing about this product. However, I have heard not so good things about the Epic 6...wondering if you had heard the same. Lots of problems and users thinking it isn't as high quality as the Revolution.

    Anyhow, any idea if it can be used with a Cuttlebug?

    Thanks for your great updates!

  4. You're SUCH an enabler, Linda - TFS, LOL!

  5. This is the coolest machine I have seen yet. Going at the top of my list for Christmas!