Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O so worth reading...

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  1. That sure is correct. Boy did my parent drugged me. And I have to say I drugged my three sons.

  2. love this piece I was drugged just like that LOL

  3. I also totally agree with you.....I too was "drugged" and I think we need to go back to this form of child rearing. I don't agree with the new way of giving children "time Out" or being your child's friend and never saying No. My husband and I have also raised our children "on drugs" and I intend to raise grand children this way also with the blessing of my grown children.

  4. I was "drugged also" I taught my children to say "Yes Sir and No Sir" and you wouldn't believe the people that say, Oh they don't have to say that to me it makes me feel old. Please don't tell my kids they don't have to have manners. I loved this and printed it to give out.

  5. I thank my God every day that I had this type of "drug" problem. It has given me the strength I need to live in this crazy world. Thanks for sharing this. I plan to show it to my other teacher-friends.