Friday, July 17, 2009

Picturesque Preview

I am working on the new Cricut Cheat Sheets tonight, yeah I know, about time. Anyway, knowing that not everyone has Design Studio, I thought I'd share highlights from the cartridges as I move through them. 1st up is Pictureque.

It has oodles and oodles of flourishes and swirls that you have just got to love.

And the corner feature is awesome!

And the tags, well, the tags!!! I adore.

It also has 50 cards, tri-folds even. But what will probably make me hand over my hubby's hard earned money is the wings and clock face. Cute, cute, cute!


  1. OMGosh this is an absolute must have cart! Thanks for the show Linda!

  2. I just adore this cartridge, but why must they make so many carts that you can only get with the machine? I don't need another machine. I would be afraid to buy a cart from ebay after the gypsy comes out (although I don't know if I'm going to get a gypsy, so I suppose I can still use it with my DS


  3. In love the cartridge but I really hate when Provo bundles nice cartridges with new cricuts. Who is going to go out and by a new cricut?
    Thanks for all the cheat sheets-I really appreciate them.

  4. This has got to stop - there are so many new great to prioritize. Also, I was shocked that they are teaming up with Home Depot. I just don't see a big link there. I think they should focus on sending a sales rep to every school in America. That makes sense, JMHO.

  5. Don't despair girls. It will be out eventually just like Home Decor, Plantin' Schoolbook, Jubilee and George. ~Linda

  6. Provo needs to STOP putting the new carts with buying a new machine. With money as tight as it is who is going to go out and buy another machine just because of the cart. just bring out the new carts and be done with it. By the way THANK YOU SOOOOO Much for the cheat sheets They have been a life saver.


  7. Oh Woe is me! LOL. The new picturesque cartridge is just awesome. And I don't need another machine. So. I will wait til it is avaiable although waiting is not my strong suit. Thank you for the cheat sheets.

  8. I know why they're starting at home depot! Because we (collectively) shop there. I had a survey from provocraft and it asked my shopping habits, not just for scrapbook stuff but where I shop for anything. HSN, QVC, then a list of stores grocery, hardware, etc. Do i shop on line, how do I make my decisions about buying. Do I reseach at one store and buy somewhere else. And so forth. So, conclusion, lots of crafters must shop at home depot.