Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Slice vs Cricut

I have both and admittedly I do use my Cricut more. And I do apologise for using my blog to gripe but I was just looking at the new cards or cartridges or whatever you want to call them that Making Memories (Slice) has just introduced. And I guess it may be crazy but it looks like MM is reading the Cricut message board and they are making for the Slice all the cartridges that we've been begging Provocraft to make for the Cricut to no avail. Again, I'm sorry to gripe but look at the two below. How long have we been asking for a faith based cartridge?? And look at the Pink cartridge...Cricut has one but the only way you can get it is to buy a brand new machine from Michael's who has exclusive rights to sell it. Geeze.


  1. I don't want the slice but I love those dancers on that disk

  2. I've always thought the slice was way behind- I mean it only cuts 4x4 right? MM should stick with making/ developing all the other great things they do.

  3. I agree...Provo is NOT listening to their customers for so many things. That is why they need competitors pushing them for sales. Let's hope they get the hint!

  4. Linda
    I have to agree
    I am a very loyal cricut devotee but these slices carts are what a lot of folks are asking in for with Cricut