Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To the Gypsy Naysayers

Let me play the devil's advocate here...

Let's say your Mom is a scrapper too but she lives a town over...30 miles've been sharing cartridges all along, a tiny bit inconvenient though when you need a cartridge that is over at her house but all in all, life is good.

Now you go and buy a Gypsy. You gather your 30 cartridges and carry them to your Moms, while there ingest your 30 cartridges onto your G and then ingest her 40 cartridges, hand her your 30 cartridges and go home.

You now have 70 cartridges and she has 70 cartridges.....I'm just saying...


  1. HHMMMMM. Makes you think. But I though it would only allow you to ingest cartridges only once. So wouldn't that mess something up? I'm just wonder, that's what I heard

  2. True...put it on one G and let the other use the cartridges. ~Linda

  3. It's cool, but the question is, is it $300 cool? Not quite sold yet as me and my mom have only 15 between the two of us... but maybe someday!!

  4. As if us Cricut addicts really need another new toy....but I think I really like this one!

    Have you heard anything about the possibility of Design Studio Pro coming out?

    Provocraft is bad for my bank account! ;)

  5. I keep thinking about how this would be great for crop lovers like me! I don't like bringing my E with me, but I use it on almost every layout. I could grab my Gypsy, bring it with, design anything I want for my page at the crop and then cut it when I get home. Super nice and compact!

  6. I would so do this with my sister-she lives 3 hours away from me-but how great to share all we have with each other. Easily!

  7. I still think they will have bugs with it. and until they take care of all the bugs in DS I won't be buying it.

  8. So fascinating! What will they come out with next! Okay, so will it retail for $300 or $400? Do you know when it's coming out? My other question is do you know when the new cartridges are coming out..the "From My Kitchen" and "Everyday Paper Dolls?" They don't have them on their site yet. Do you have and use the 'Sure Cuts A Lot'?!

  9. Ashlee,

    I have heard that the Gypsy will be out in October or November.

    I can't remember for sure when the cartridges will be out but I think it's early 2010.

    SCAL - I use it only for fonts. I like my shapes on cartridges being it's just easier to keep up with what I have that way.

    Hope all this helps,

  10. i wonder HOW it's ONLY going to "ingest" it to one gypsy?? is this like PC telling everyone that SCAL will ruin your warranty & just a hoax? or do you have to have the gypsy hooked to a computer to download your cartridges & each cartridge has a unique i.d. that's linked to your individual cartridge? i don't think it will take long for it to get hacked and i'll personally wait for it to come out in a much cheaper version, if ever. i use scal more & own less than 10 cartridges...a few i would like to own for the ease, but i can find them for free or make them myself, kwim?

    thanks for keeping us all informed! =0)

  11. Well that's the most compelling reason I've heard to buy the Gypsy! I actually want to see it in person. I hate small screens (like surfing the web on a cell phone) so I want to get a feel for the size.

    Either way, $300 is far to much to swallow for me in this economy.

  12. I'm not crying to much for PC ~ these guys have tried everything in the book to get people to spend more money. I understand the point that they are in business ~ but they have gotten just plain greedy! :)

    I doubt I will EVER buy the gypsy, and though I have and use scal for all kinds of things (both shapes and fonts) I still occasionally buy carts. (even though I would really enjoy not giving them any more money, lol.)

    It didn't set well with me that they tried to make it so scal wouldn't work. :)

    Thanks for all your updates. It helps us all make good choices.