Saturday, August 15, 2009

Michaels Gets Exclusive On Gypsy

Customers who are waiting anxiously to get their hands on ProvoCraft’s new Gypsy are going to need to look at Michaels for it. According to Michaels, it will be available exclusively in their stores starting on October 3rd. Michaels stores will begin taking pre-orders for the tool today (Saturday, August 15th). This exclusive is for only 30 days and will be available in other stores starting the 2nd week of November.


  1. I know lots of people are anti-gypsy... but I can not resist. I pre-ordered at Mike's today and they told me it would be in
    9/15/09. I'll let you know if they keep their word ;)

  2. I was told that by Provo Craft that my store and website would receive the Gypsy in November. I wish it was sooner. We sent two people to the Gypsy Gala at CHA summer and they said the Gypsy looks awesome!!

  3. I have a store in IL. I was told they would have it for two weeks. Then I could get them. I beleive the price will be less at my store. I also have many of my cartidges for $34 on line at I love your blog. Ann