Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gypsy Update

FYI Gypsy Owners - There is an update waiting for you so it's time to sync your G. This update will give you Version 1.1 / Build 0115 and includes these cartridges:

* Designer's Calendar
* Destinations
* Dinosaur Tracks
* Elmo Party
* Old West
* Pagoda
* Snow Friends
* Very Merry Tags
* When Its Cold Outside

If you've not already downloaded the G's software, go HERE.

And get the G's Owner's Manual by clicking HERE.


  1. are you saying that once you buy the gypsy updates are available to install additional fonts for free?
    addison, illinois

  2. The G is just like Design Studio. You get updates as new cartridges are can design from any and all but you can only cut from the ones you own. ~Linda

  3. aha! thanks, i was ready to run to michaels to buy the gypsy for these fonts. so, you still need to buy calendar and the rest, are they even available to purchase ?

  4. You'll still need to buy the cartridges if you want to cut from them. ~Linda

  5. thanks for the info, love your blog by the way. lotsa information.

  6. I have gone to the Gypsy website and hit the button for updates, but it has nowhere to go to on that for the update, can you give more details as to where to find the update.

  7. Go here: and register your G, you'll then be prompted to download the G's software. Save it to your desktop. You'll do updates from there. ~Linda

  8. Thank you for the great information.