Monday, October 26, 2009

WOW! Go vote!

My friend Kendra has entered the Michael's and Provo Craft Gypsy 24 Hour design challenge. See her project below along with a note from her asking you to go vote. Did she do an awesome job or what!! Click HERE to vote.


I entered the Michael's and Provo Craft Gypsy 24 Hour design challenge I would love if you would take the time today and vote for me! The vote is won my popularity, so please tell all of your friends and family. If you are willing too, I would really appreciate it if you would add my link to your Myspace, Facebook ,Blog and any other Social Networking site you might belong to! The more people who know about it the better the chance I have at winning! I appreciate your help very much! Please be sure to pass the word around! We only have a few days to vote! The winner will be announced on Friday!

The Voting is only available today and tomorrow! So please, take a moment to vote. You do not have to verify anything. You only have to click the VOTE button once and your vote is counted! I appreciate you taking a moment to help me win!



  1. Linda,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to post this. Thanks so everyone who takes the time to go vote! I really appreciate it!