Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Better Grab 'Em While You Can

Better grab 'em while you can cause when they are gone they will be history. ProvoCraft announced just today that they are out of stock of the following limited-edition, seasonal cartridges:

Snow Friends
Very Merry Tags
When It’s Cold Outside


  1. Have you blogged about how they are discontinuing the Solutions line? I figured you would with all your connections to PC but don't recall seeing a post.

  2. You know more about that than I do Stephanie as I've not heard anything about that. =\

  3. Meijers has all three seasonal cartridges on sale this week for $18.99. Just bought them yesterday.

  4. i really wonder if that is the case. all of a sudden PC came up with storefront on rewards points. it seems they just make more. perhaps they come out on rewards points.

  5. SO now we know that the LITE cartridge are simply revamped Solutions carts. =\