Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Break Example - Make The Cut Program

Here's an image I pulled from the fonts by double clicking on the font image.

Highlight it by running your cursor over the image. Click on Edit and Shape Magic and then Break.

And voila! You can now move all the pieces around to different parts of your mat. Like say, I want to cut the phone out from black paper and the keys and ear/mouth pads in yellow. All I have to do is place the paper on my mat accordingly. Cool huh.

I tell ya folks. I'm liking this program. Download the trial version and try it yourself by clicking HERE or purchase by clicking HERE.


  1. I know what you mean Linda. I really like this software. It is so easy to use it. I have been playing with it to. I will be buying it after christmas.

  2. Thanks for all the demos, Linda! So- I am guessing that "breaking" is not something that SCAL can do? Can you import jpg images in SCAL?

  3. No you can not. I even just tried breaking my logo and it worked!!

  4. so if you had a choice would get this software instead of SCAL? I wanted to get SCAL but now I wonder if I should wait for this program. What do you think LInda?

  5. Jennifer, I have SCAL and I promise you, Make The Cut is SO much easier to use. ~Linda