Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Make The Cut! FAQ's

hat is the difference between Joining and Welding shapes?

What is the difference between Breaking, Splitting and Layering?

How do I resize a group of shapes with no constraints?

How do I move tiny shapes without resizing them?

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  1. Linda,

    Was curious as to what you thought was better - Make the Cut or SCAL. Differences between the two? Pros and cons? Looking into purchasing one and now that Make the Cut is out, I'm not sure which is better. Thanks!


  2. Make The Cut seems to be much more user-friendly. You can also import jpg files to cut. (No more needing to manipulate images in Inkscape first.) There is also an SVG viewer built-in. Do you NEED this software if you have SCAL? No, maybe not. It depends on how well you know SCAL. :) I have SCAL, SCAL 2, Design Studio and now this program. MTC is VERY user-friendly. ~Linda