Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free Dingbats & Fonts AND Make The Cut!

Kay over at the Clever Someday blog has boocoos of dingbats and fonts for download FOR FREE that can be used with your Make The Cut! software. Download Make The Cut! by clicking HERE if you don't already have it and then go to Kay's blog to check out the FREE dingbats and fonts by clicking HERE. Thank you Kay for an AWESOME share.

These files are dingbats and fonts. Download the file. Unzip it. Open MTC. On the right under Main, click on Text and Fonts, click on the little square button that has what looks like 2 A's on it. A window will open, in this window, go find your dingbat that you just unzipped and then click open. Voila! Cut away! 


  1. WOW, Thanks for such a great website find!! These are great. I really want SCAL now! I was wondering, I know you did a comparison between SCAL and MTC but do you have a favorite? Which one is easier to use?

  2. CLAIR!! Don't get SCAL, get Make The Cut!! I promise you, you will like it sooooo much better. ~Linda

  3. Linda, As always, thanks for sharing all of the wonderful info! I still haven't used my MTC, but will as soon as I get over this crummy cold! Thanks again!


  4. Linda,
    I just bought the MTC! I can't wait to download it and see what it has to it! I will be calling on you if there are things that I might want to know!! Thanks for the coupon codes your the tops!

  5. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the high resolution cricut handbooks. They are so nice to have and make an awesome book. If you decide to continue making those, I would never complain. :) But thank you for doing what you have done. It is great!