Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Make The Cut! Update is Available for Download!

An update is available. This update will give you version 1.1.0. You can see what version you have by clicking on the word Help and then About.

This new version gives you the ability to shadow (among other things). You can not only shadow fonts but also shapes. To do this, highlight your font or shape with your cursor, this will place a blue box around your item.

Next, click on Edit, Shape Magic and then Shadow. You can do this as many times as you want to make more than one shadow.

Once you get your shadow, simple pick the shape up with your cursor and move it to another section on your mat. So so so so so easy!

If you still haven't taken the plunge and ordered Make The Cut, simply click HERE to order. You will not be sorry!!

And for an additional 10% off discount on top of the already 40% off promotion, use coupon code: FRUM-7C6P.

To download the update, click HERE. Type in your email address and download. Once you've downloaded, double click and install and that's all there is to it.

Other changes:

Basic Shapes
There are now a set of primitive shapes that you can use in your projects. This list of shapes is built in to the program and there will be more and more shapes added as new versions are created. You can access these shapes from the new "Import" File menu, Custom Shapes tab, or shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+B)

Paste In Place
You can now paste the shape you cut/copied exactly where you cut/copied from. Short cut is (Ctrl+Shift+V)

Unregister Make The Cut!
You can unregister the application in case you want to move the license to a different computer or give it to someone else. This feature is located in "Help" >> "Advanced" >> "Unregister"

Import SVG at it's original size
You can now import an SVG at any DPI (default is 90). This new option is in the SVG file dialog

Printing Support
You can now print your project. Why is this so cool? You can use virtual printer software such as CutePDF and create PDFs from your shapes to use in other craft software.

Notes Bar Updated
When you open a project that has notes written, the notes bar will show automatically alerting you that there are notes.

Shadow Layer
You can now create a shadow layer for your shapes.

Import File Menu Added
More shortcuts! You can now import from the "File" menu.

You can now perform an autofill on a selected shape. You can define the amount of shapes you want as well as the spacing between the shapes. This feature is in the Edit menu, shortcut is Ctrl+D.

You can now align a magic selection to the left, right, top, bottom, centered or stacked.

Zoom in increased

You can now zoom up to 200%

More categories added for uploading
Added some more categories when uploading your projects and SVGs!

Scrollbars added to Main Bar
Now if you size the window smaller, you can scroll the Main Bar windows to get to the other features

TWAIN Tracing
You can now import raster images from a TWAIN source such as a scanner for tracing!

No-Cut Outside Of Mat
If a shape ends up completely outside the mat and you try to cut, it will alert you. You can still cut, but Make The Cut will not cut that shape.

Trace Image Shows Original
Now you can see what the original image looks like while you are adjusting the threshold.

Lock Aspect Ratio
When sizing using the Object Properties bar, you can lock the width and height ratio so it sizes correctly

Forum Menu Item
You can now go directly to the forums from the Help menu.


  1. OK~I'm sold. You are wonderful to give us all this information, thank you. I tried to purchase with the discount code & it says that it's invalid. ?????

    Thanks again

  2. Wendy, email me at and I'll give you another code.

  3. Linda - Is the code still valid? I don't see a place on the order to put a coupon code??

  4. Linda, is MTC software okay to use on the Expression? I mean is by Provo Craft?

    Also may I have the coupon code? If this okay to use with my Expression, gonna talk to my family about a fast coming up special day.

    Thanks for all you research and share with us.

  5. Yes, it is safe. I have used it many times with my Expression. The coupon code that I have is coupon code: FRUM-7C6P . =)

  6. Thank you Linda so much!