Friday, January 1, 2010

MTC Tutorials

ScrapbookingGrandma has made three more tutorial videos for Make The Cut!

* Make The Cut Software - Episode 7 - Downloading/Uploading Fonts
* Make The Cut Software Episode 6 - Shadowing And Black out Images
* Make The Cut Software Episode 5 - Welding letters

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  1. Hi again Linda! I forgot to mention that Da-font has tons of cool fonts to use on Make the Cut. They have them organized in a great index at the top. Dingbats fonts are images.

    Most of the fonts I have downloaded have been freeware. I do have good virus protection on my machine, and I would recommend that if anyone is going to do a lot of downloading.

    One item to note - when I have downloaded a new font onto my machine while MTC is open, even if I refresh the font list in MTC, I have not always been able to view the font in MTC. If I close the program and re-open, it has been visible. But I haven't played with it alot to troubleshoot further.