Monday, March 29, 2010

Learning The Cricut DS

**Newly Updated and Expanded for 2010!!**

I received an email from Brandi, author of Cricut Design Studio: The Missing Manual

She said:
In case you haven't heard about Cricut Design Studio: The Missing Manual, it is a video-enhanced ebook that is nearly 70 pages. It is packed full of step-by-step tutorials that include screenshots of the actual software. Better still, it has over an hour of video tutorials. It covers the basics of getting started with the Cricut Design Studio software, as well as more complex tasks such as welding and creating shadows - plus a lot more!

My thoughts? Well I receive emails almost daily asking questions about Design Studio so I am thrilled to pass this information along. Also being it is Newly Updated and Expanded for 2010!!, well that makes it a gotta have! Check out her manual by clicking HERE.

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