Monday, March 29, 2010

Make The Cut Webinar

Andy (the owner of Make The Cut!) did a "practice" Webinar the other day. (For free!) The Webinar was announced only to MTC forum members being it was a practice thing. It was recorded so anyone can watch it now. It starts out kind of slow but once they get into it, it ROCKS!! They have been adding so many features to the program and to be honest with you, I was afraid it was going to get too complicated to use but after watching the webinar all my fears are gone. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!

BTW, they are planning on doing more Webinars in the future. Now that the practice one is done, they will now announce them to everyone -- not just forum members. They're planning on doing is 2 a month. One for new members, and one for savvy members. Yay!

Click HERE to watch the webinar.


  1. Linda,

    Thanks so much for sharing this stuff! You're the reason I decided to purchase MTC and I don't have the chance to get on the forums much, so I count on you to keep me up to date on these updgrades and tutorials. You should get a commission :) from Andy. I just wanted you to know you are appreciated!

  2. This is awesome! I bought MTC 3 weeks ago and haven't really had time to play with it - now I gotta run home tonight & watch the video (I can't watch it here at work). Love your blog & how you keep us up to date! Thanks!

  3. I couldn't get the link to load for me. I went to Make the Cut homepage also to see if I could get the link. Would you email me the link or tell me how else I might see the webinar? I want to know more about the program before I make a purchase. I am concerned about learning the program. Thanks
    mdot kdot schmidt athotmail dotcom

  4. Mary, you're computer may not be equiped to view movie files. Here's another link:

  5. And FYI Mary, to leave your email you don't have to spell it out. lol

  6. thanks so much for the info....I was wondering who had this program and if they liked it...I bought it from the ad you had on your blog and haven't opened it yet...running over there to join and start learning..thanks again..learn of most hings from here....