Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cri-Kits Precision Pens

I got an email from Scrapbook Corner today that might interest you guys. Check it out!

Cri-Kits Precision Pens - The problem with pens are that they are made for writing...not for putting in a precision machine like the Cricut?. Well...except for ours. Pens made from other manufacturers or companies (Like Staples?) can use varying components that can change over time. Then you find you are getting mixed results when using your old gel pen holder and don't know why. The picture to the left shows all the areas that will randomly change as pens are made over time. The Gold and the Blue ink tubes in the picture are from the same manufacturer...different day. Well...Cri-Kits to the rescue. We specify each pen dimension, for each pen, so the distance to the paper is, always, right where it needs to be without fussing with any jigs or other devices to make it right. It just...works! You'll thank us later.

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