Sunday, May 23, 2010

Create A Critter Cheat Sheet

Have you guys explored the Create A Critter cartridge? It has so many shapes that I felt like it needed a cheat sheet all it's own. Want a copy? Click HERE.

Oh, and if you wrote off this cartridge because you don't like the cutesy little faces, remember, you don't have to cut those out. ; )


  1. thank you.
    I don't have this cartridge yet.
    But I hope to have it someday.

  2. Thanks Linda, Now I know I want to buy Create a Critter. Hedgehogs are my new granddaughters theme and there is one on that cartridge.
    These are great files and it is so wonderful of you to do this.

  3. Thanks - I started this last evening - as I just got my cart on Thursday. LOVE IT. Thanks!!!

  4. Linda, I love this cartridge. It has become my new favorite. Keep the ideas coming. Also thanks for the cheat sheet. I use mine all the time.

  5. THIS IS MY Mostest Favorite cart of ever of all I LOVE it...Thank U for Posting..

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. I do have this cartridge but have not played with it yet. I plan to do so this weekend!
    Thanks again!

  7. Thanks a lot. Just got this cartridge and I'm sure the cheat sheet will be very helpful.

  8. i dont have the cricut machine but i do use one and i bought this cartridge mainly for the panda but i have found at least 13 other critters i would like to make since getting it, this is a must have if you know anyone who likes animals