Thursday, May 27, 2010

Layout's to Share

I got a little scrappin' done a few weeks ago. Thought I'd share. :)

This picture really doesn't do this one justice. I took 2 sheets of the same cardstock, cut out the squares on one and put pop-dots under the pieces making them raised. It looks really cute in person.

This one I did almost the same thing. I took some swirly cardstock and cut out the design to put on top of the other patterned cardstock.

This one is from Halloween last year. I left a spot for journaling. I'm trying really hard to journal better.

This one is from Christmas last year. We were taking pictures trying to make one for Christmas cards. Forgot the journaling. Crud.


  1. Love these layouts. Very nice!!!!!!! My favorite is Costumes on Parade
    Linda in Stanwood

  2. all are so the little ghosts and gobblins from paper dolls and everyday PD.

  3. Wonderful layouts! I really like when there are lots of photos on the layouts and you did such a wonderful job without it looking too busy.

  4. These are awesome!! You should share more often! LOL You gave me great ideas!!

  5. Thanks for blessing me with your em! Thanks for all you do for us, Linda!

  6. Thanks for sharing your layouts.