Monday, May 3, 2010

Make The Cut! Webinar and News

Julie will be teaching the next FREE Make The Cut! Webinar Tuesday, May 4, at 9:00 AM Pacific Daylight Savings Time. Details are in the MTC Forum HERE under General.

She will be covering how to create designs in Make The Cut using Basic Shapes including:
Adding and combining Basic Shapes
Selecting, Moving, Resizing, rotating, and skewing shapes
Making Shadow Layers
Adding Layers
Changing colors of layers
Working with custom colors
Moving Layers
Hiding Outlines
Using the Welding, Boolean Join, Break, Join, and Break tools
Adding Images to Your Library
Making a Slicing tool
Slicing shapes
Erasing parts of shapes

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

You can download and print the PDF tutorial covering this project from the MTC_Tuts Yahoo group Files section. You can join the group by clicking HERE. You will find the tutorial in the Intermediate Lessons folder, called 15_DesignACatInMTC.pdf

For those who missed the April Webinar, you can download the printable tutorials for the material covered in that Webinar from the same folder, lessons 14a, 14b, 14c, and 14d. She is still working on 14e and will post it when it is complete. She will also covered the material in the Introductory Lessons folder on File Conversions. You are welcome to download all of the tutorials posted while you are there.


  1. Is there anything out there that works with a Mac. The make the cut looks so neat.
    Linda in Stanwood

  2. Not that I know of. Sorry. =( ~Linda