Friday, May 28, 2010

Provo Craft Announces Upgrades to Gypsy

Per Provocraft:

“We are extremely excited to announce this particular update; it’s the biggest one we’ve made to Gypsy by Cricut in 2010,” said Tonia Conger, VP of consumer marketing for Provo Craft. “The new features and functionality address a lot of what has been on our customers’ wish lists—expanding even more their creative potential and the freedom to design anywhere with ease and precision.”

The new Gypsy upgrade includes specifically:

New Features:
• The much-anticipated Photo App is now available for Gypsy by Cricut users.
• The ability to hide-contours enabling users even greater ability to customize and create new designs, hide any part of an existing shape for greater customization Hidden contours will save when the design is saved.
• Rulers for the mat screen so users can more readily see the actual size of the shapes they cut.
• Feature keys now show descriptive text and icons to help users make better use of their cartridges without the use of the printed manual.
• Gypsy can now be restored at home if required.
• Gypsy now displays “Busy Syncing…” while connected to GypsySync through your computer to inform users that it is not available for use while it is in Syncing mode.
• Cartridges can now be added to Gypsy faster and more reliably than before.

New Cricut Cartridges Viewable with the Update:
• Wall Décor and More
• Freshly Picked
• Cindy Loo
• Mini Monsters
• Disney/Pixar – Toy Story

• Tabs have been added to the layers making it easier to navigate a design with multiple layers.
• The ability to hide layers making it easier to design.
• The ability to name your layers and improve organization.
• The ability to reorder layers making it easier to design
• Gypsy now “powers on” in less than half the time it did before.

Bug Fixes:
• Minor cosmetic improvements and bug fixes.

To Update Gypsy: Click HERE.

For more information on Gypsy: Click HERE.


  1. I have not tried MTC yet but I MUST say I love the new Gypsy update!!! I have been playing with it now for 2 hours and wish my child care kiddos would sleep another 2 hours but that won't happen so I will have to put it away for now!!!


  2. Does this harm MTC in any way, do you know? Also, I'm wondering if the latest CDS is ok to upload as well? You have to uninstall the program and then reinstall the latest version. I love MTC and don't want anything to interfere with it, and I'm not savvy enough to know how to fix problems if they should occur. Do you know?

    Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the information.
    You're blog is so informative !!!!
    I follow it regularly!

  4. I'm a new Gypsy owner and have found your blog very helpful. I do have what is probably a "duh" question though....after installing the latest update, which I have done, do you need to also install the older updates, or are all improvements contained in the most recent update? Does that question make sense? LOL Hope so. And thanks for any help you can give.

  5. Julie, No, you do not have to go back and install the older updates. The most current update will have all previous updates in it. =)

  6. I did the newest update a few weeks ago but did not get the change in creative key functions and am bummed. Do I need to do something different at update time to make them show up in the new way? Stacey

  7. Stacey, I wish I could help but the G is not my specialty. Perhaps someone else will chime in with your answer. =) ~Linda