Saturday, June 12, 2010

Attn: MAKE THE CUT Peeps!

Andy from Make The Cut will be presenting a instructional webinar on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM CDT. This will be a great introduction to the great new features that have been added to Make The Cut.  Click HERE to sign up for the June 23 Webinar.

Sign up today before you forget. You will receive a reminder the day before if you sign up now.

In the mean time, Andy gave a quick demo of some of the new features of this version of MTC in the Webinar this week. Click HERE for a look at that presentation.

If you have not yet purchased Make The Cut, and would like to do so while the sales special is still on, click HERE.  The special price of $58.36 will be good until July 4 if you use the following coupon code on your order form: MTC327

The regular price of the software is $79.95. There may be price changes after July 4.

Cricut 29-0297 Essentials Kit


  1. Hi Linda, Please help me, I just got a new Dell laptop for Mothers Days...should I get SCAL or MTC?, Which one of the two do you think is the easiest to use?? Thanks, Joye

  2. Silly girl! MAKE THE CUT ROCKS!! SCAL not so much. haha!! Seriously, I have both, love MTC! It's SOOO much easier to learn and use than SCAL. ~Linda

  3. I just listened to Andy's quick demo and loved it. Can't get MTC until Christmas though so will have to dream until then.
    Mary Ann