Thursday, July 15, 2010

Be Still my Soul - 5 New Cartridges

Remember THIS post? Four images were 'leaked' from Provocraft of cartridges that were to be introduced in August. Well SURPRISE! There are five instead of four. #5 is Simply Charmed. Check them all out below.


Return to the uncomplicated joys of life with the Simply Charmed cartridge! This cartridge is filled with layered images with themes like seasons, holidays, and food. Featured is a whimsical style, range of images, and Word feature! Click HERE to see the handbook.

Enjoy life on the farm! The Country Life cartridge is chock-full with layered images of sheep, pigs, fruits, grains, and other rustic themed accessories. The quirky uppercase font, banners, and phrases were all designed with life in the country in mind. Click HERE to see the handbook.

Unleash your inner rock diva! The Rock Princess cartridge is filled with layered images that are certain to be a hit with pre-teen and teenage girls, including crowns, skulls, guitars, and more. The two uppercase fonts and layered phrases are perfect for cards, scrapbooks, home d├ęcor, and more. Click HERE to see the handbook.

Create the perfect spooky atmosphere this Halloween! The Happy Hauntings cartridge is overflowing with iconic Halloween images: classic monsters, cats, bats, headstones, jack-o-lanterns, and more. You will absolutely love the phrases, fonts, and 3D images including coffins, headstones, and even a haunted house! Click HERE to see the handbook.

Celebrate the joy of the year’s first snowfall! The Winter Frolic cartridge is filled with winter themed images such as snowmen, wild animals, and cold weather activities. You will also love the layered phrases, borders, and tags included on the cartridge. Click HERE to see the handbook.


  1. Definitely need Rock Princess and Happy Hauntings. However, Simply Charmed is feeling A LOT like Doodle Charms isn't it?

  2. I love the first three.. not crazy for the winter frolic - thanks so much for posting, hope you are not policed by PC

  3. When will the madness ever end!! There are sooo many cartridges I NEED even before this release, now I can add 5 more to the list. PC needs to stop for awhile... really!

  4. I love all these cartridges but Simply Charmed is the cutest!

  5. Oh NO what am I going to do?? I love them all and I have to stop. Don't I???

  6. They are all darling! I like Simply Charmed and Happy Hauntings the best!

  7. WHAT??? more cartridges??? What's a girl to more! HELP!! ciao db:)

  8. As my friend Amy and I say, Terri Bradford, creator of the Graphically Speaking cartridge should design another. GS is the most versitile, I believe.