Friday, July 30, 2010

Can you Imagine MORE?

Thought you guys might want to see some of the new Cricut Imagine Cartridge that are going to be released. I know that our regular cartridges can be used with the Imagine but I don't know if these new cartridges that are made for the Imagine can be used with the 'old' Cricuts. Anyone heard?

Best Friends

Imagine More (This one comes with the Cricut Imagine Machine.)

Kate's Kitchen

Nursery Tails



  1. They are NOT backward compatible - you will be able to use the "original" cartridges with the Imagine but not the Imagine carts with the current Cricuts.

  2. I agree, I am thinking not because they are mostly colors and patterns and not so many shapes.

  3. Wow, these new cartridges are great, too bad you can't use them in the regular Cricuts.

  4. I agree with Susan - you can use the Cricut cartridges in the Imagine but the Imagine cartridge can't be used in the Cricut - they contain things such as colors and patterns that aren't compatible with the cricut - plus they are a totally different shaped cartridge.

    You can use the regular cartridges and the Imagine cartridges together in the Imagine.

    On one of the videos I noticed that cute little scale with the 2 tomatoes on it hanging in the background - that is so cute!

    I love the idea of the Imagine but it is not in my price range - although I'm sure the price will come down eventually. I like all the things you can do with it but love the layered look of the different cardstock.

    I wonder if you can cut without printing also?

  5. Yep, the Imagine is out of my price range right now, too...wonder how much it will come down before Christmas???? :)

    I wonder what the packaging will be like for these cartridges? (i.e. how much of the content will be visible so you know what you're getting before you buy it) Hopefully they'll have handbooks that you can view on the Cricut site like the "old" Cricut cartridges.

    Did y'all read where certain Circle members got an Imagine free????????? I guess they got their money's worth, huh?

  6. Yes, you can also just cut without printing. I saw video clips of the Cricut Gala where they showed two winners of the "Next Big Thing" from Provocraft contest. Such touching stories!