Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cricut Imagine Image?

Everybody in the Cricut world is making a big deal about this image...thinking that it is the new Imagine printer/cutter that Provocraft is expected to announce at CHA, and it may be but I wanted to share it and the LINK that it came from. The article says nothing about the Imagine (not that this isn't it) but what it does say is what interest me more than anything. Specifically this little tidbit:

...since 2005, increased earnings by 500 to 600 percent annually, numbers that soon had Bank of America and Merrill Lynch knocking down the door along with companies wanting to join the venture. In recent months, both the company's passel of products and their availability — from Walmart stores to Staples — has been proliferating.

HOLY MOLY that's a lot of $$$! And PC has never even offered me a thank you. Well how about that!

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