Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In A Hurry?

If you are wanting the new Martha Stewart cake cartridges (I love the borders on them) but don't want to wait till they are publicly released then head on over to HSN.com to order. BUT be prepared to shell out $70 for each cartridge AND expect a shipping date around the 2nd week of August.

On a negative note, these cartridges do NOT include reward points. What's up with that?


  1. I love the MS cartridges (don't have or intend to buy the cake machine but see so much use for these in regular scrapbooking) - I won't pay that much for them though so guess I will have to wait. I want them all !

  2. You and me both girl!! ~Linda

  3. Do you know when the Martha Stewart cake cartridges will be released publicly? Also will we be able to load them into our Gypsy?