Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is the Cat out of the Bag?

Provocraft has been throwing hints at us that something new and exciting is coming. Rumor is that it's a new Cricut machine that will print and cut. The image below gives us a good inkling as to what it is.

AND I just heard that Simply Charmed, The Country Life, Rock Princess, Happy Hauntings and Winter Frolic are on the shelves at AC Moore AND inside the boxes of each is a scratch off for an upcoming contest to win a trip AND the NEW CRICUT IMAGINE MACHINE!

So I'd say it's official folks, PC is releasing a new Cricut that will print and cut.

So what do you guys think about that? I'm kinda liking the idea.

Edited to add:
More information is coming in. Click HERE and HERE for details.

I was just asked why this is a big deal. See the images below and then translate it to scrapbooking. Think of the titles you could make. Font's (cut with Make The Cut) that are detailed or layered...tell me this wouldn't look awesome on a layout!


  1. Linda,
    I would get on line to buy it. My wishblade print and cut feature fails me all the time. I still use it but it seems to be hit or miss for nice alignment. I have been looking for an affordable version of a home printer/cutter since '07. Was hoping I could talk DH into a 3 grand investment in a Roland but sadly he is sane and sensible. I know for sure if the selling price is $1,000 I could probably save the money in a reasonable time frame. Also if the software won't allow for import and export of graphics I would not buy it. I'll be watching all the summer CHA vids to see if they drop hints or release the info. Love your blog visit all the time.
    visit me @ www.lysaandhueyink.blogspot.com

  2. I'm liking the idea of it myself...I just hope they have all the bugs (pun intended - haha) ironed out before it's released AND that it doesn't cost a small fortune. ~Linda

  3. I son't get what the print function is for exactly .. I don't need another printer

  4. This is best gossip I've heard all week!! JUICY!!! TFS!! This is something I may want to have! Cricut cake, nah!

  5. How cool would that be.............I hope I am one of the test winners Thanks for all you very timely information Nana Donna

  6. Wow - how did you get this juicy scoop? I have been talking about this for ages - way long time ago - and I remember saying that I could invent it and become a millionaire! Anyway, that would definitely be something that I would be interested in and will buy assuming that I could still use all my carts and my imported cut files. I love your blog and thanks for always notifying us of any updates and new gossip!

  7. Interesting information. I would love to win one. Hope it won't cost and arm and a leg since it will be adding a print feature. Thanks for sharing.

    Marilyn C.

  8. All I can say is "wow". Wonder if it will be available before my birthday at the end of August?? Of course, it would be nice to win one!!! Thank you thank you for this juicy gossip!!!!!

  9. Isn't this what it already does with those Cricut markers? The next thing that they will probably invent is an embossing machine. Oh, wait, they have that already too! I wish provocraft would perfect what they already have instead of moving on and forgetting the rest of us. Ummm.....like the Gypsy.

  10. jmcstamper, No, the markers just outline where your cut is. This will look more like the pictures above. ~Linda

  11. I can confirm that it does print (it has an HP printer inside) - PC will have background pages that can print that will go along with their current images. Also you could print a layered image and just cut it in 1 or 2 layers instead of cutting out every color.

    However, like everything cricut, you are limited to the shapes on the carts and the backgrounds that PC provides to go with them.

    Also, while I have seen samples of the pages, I don't know what the alignment between cutting & printing is like.