Monday, August 16, 2010

Sihouette - MAC Compatible

Have you guys heard that the Quickutz Silhouette SD is now MAC compatible? Yep it is. I was checking it out just this morning and found it also has some really cool features.

Click HERE for details.

Click HERE for some sample cuts.

Click HERE for tutorials.

Silhouette SD Digital Craft Cutting Tool (QuicKutz)


  1. Oh and it no longer is owned by QuicKutz - it is just the Silhouette because it was purchased. You cannot locate the machine on the QuicKutz website.

  2. Thanks for sharing this--still haven't tried this out in real life :)

  3. I don't have a Silhouette but wanted to say those cuts are super-cute! I especially like the dog (related) tags, the movie camera and the circle cluster.

  4. Sadly, the site still says that the Silhouette is not Mac compatible.