Friday, August 13, 2010

Sync Your Gypsy Girls!

The French Manor cartridge and the Martha Stewart Cake Cartridges have been added. I updated to see if by chance the new seasonal cartridges were on there and yahoo! found all these other goodies!


At the last update for Design Studio is listed as July 15th but download the font packs anyway and you'll see that the NEW Seasonal Cartridges have been added. Click HERE to update, remember to only download the font pack (the second download button) and DO NOT uninstall your DS because you are only downloading the fonts, not doing a program update.


  1. I think that Christmas Village looks wonderfully promising. Love the manger. The Christmas Cards seems a waste of a cartridge. Mostly shapes that can be made with other carts. Nothing interesting. The Thanksgiving one looks great too.

  2. They also put in updates for the 4 new cartridges; Country Life, Winter Frolic, Rock Princess, and Hauntings. I'd been waiting for this, but they never mentioned it on the Gypsy update site! :( Thanks for the heads up!
    other Linda