Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cricut Circle Referral Program

The Cricut Circle has started a referral program so if you are not a member but have considered joining the Circle, be sure to get a referral from one of your friends that is already a member. They will love you for it! And if you are already a member, get to referring girl, there's prizes to be had!!


Cricut Referral Program

Every person that a member refers and signs up to join the Circle by Sept 13th 2010 prior to the launch of the Cricut Imagine can participate in the Cricut Imagine offer. (So if you are planning on purchasing an Imagine from HSN on 9/14/2010, signing up for the Circle would be good for you because Circle members that buy from HSN then will receive a free Imagine Cartridge called Lori's Garden.) (BTW, Memory Miser has Lori's Garden along with Yummy, Country Carnival and the Best Friends cartridges already up for pre-order HERE for $49.99.) 

Every person that signs up from from a member's recomendation will earn you an extra 100 reward points per signed up friend. 

For the first full year membership that signs up from a member's recommendation they will receive a free Gypsy from the Cricut Circle. 

For the top 10 Cricut Circle members that sign up the most members they will be giving them a free 2011 Cricut Circle membership. 

Of the top 10 Cricut Circle members the top two Cricut Circle members that have the most friends sign up will also enjoy a spot on the 2011 Cricut Cruise along with a guest of their choice. 


  1. Uh, oh... is this gonna get you into trouble?LOL This was an "offical Circle email".. Just giving you a heads up... :)
    I think its good for people to know that this "recruitment" generates gifts for members. I don't like the way people have been posting on various yahoo groups making it seem like they are helping them out of the goodness of their hearts. People should be informed. thanks!

  2. Times are so tough right now I just can't bring myself to put out that much money to join.
    Mary Ann

  3. How much does it cost to join "the Offical Cricut Circle"? You left that important information off.

  4. Diane, The single pay option is $274.99 a year and the quarter pay option is $79.99. ~Linda

  5. I would do it if I got the Gypsey- but I do not know any Circle Members

  6. Kate, you wouldn't get a Gypsy for joining, if you paid for the whole year, the person that referred you would get a Gypsy. ~Linda

  7. Oh I guess I read it wrong. Is this how dolks are already getting their Imagine machines? I want one so bad- HSN needs to hury up, next week can't get here fast enough.

  8. I think that the people that already have their Imagines are people that Provocraft has given the machine to for demonstrating and to stir up interest. It's working, I want one! =)