Saturday, October 23, 2010

Design Studio Updated with 6 New Cartridges

Remember, do not uninstall your Design Studio as this is not a program update, the update is simply to update your cartridges. Once you get to the download page, do not click on the first download button, instead, scroll down and click on the download button under the heading "DesignStudio Font Packs". Click HERE for the Design Studio update.


  1. Linda, I'm looking for some help doing the Haunted Mansion in Happy Hauntings. I've found directions on the first page and skipped steps, but not a start to finish. I understand you do the first part as "fit to page", but not much help after that other than helpful hints once you get it all cut out.

    Any hints? Love some of those new cartridges!!

  2. I think the fit to page part is simply so that you can get it as large as possible. Note the size that equals 'fit to page' and then be sure to cut all the other parts at that same size. Good luck!