Sunday, October 17, 2010

Got Your Gypsy Yet?

Provocraft is spoiling us! Whoohoo!

Buy and register a Gypsy by Cricut by October 31 and receive 6 free cartridges downloaded to your Gypsy – including the exclusive, all-new “Smiley Cards” cartridge (and don’t forget about Gypsy Wanderings and Gypsy font cartridges that come pre-loaded on the machine).

Free cartridges include:

Smiley Cards (new and exclusive to this promotion)

Tags, Bags, Boxes and More (not available in retail)

Christmas (not available in retail)

Blackletter (not available in retail)

Printing Press (not available in retail)

Indie Art (not available in retail)

All current Gypsy owners included! Simply register your Gypsy prior to October 31, 2010 and get access to all downloads. Register at

Downloads will be available through a special update to your Gypsy starting November 1st.

New Gypsy cartridge downloads are easy! Just connect your Gypsy to your computer and you’ll automatically be prompted how to start. In just a few steps, you’ll be able to download all six cartridges containing thousands of images! And with Gypsy, you’ll have all the cartridge artwork and keypad overlays on your Gypsy screen, so there’s no actual cartridge, handbook, or packaging.


  1. Thanks Linda for the update on this so does that mean we have to update our G on November or can we do it sooner? I am a current Gypsy owner, where our how do I get the Free cartridges?

  2. OMG I soooo hope we can get my gypsy by then so we can take advantage of this offer! Amazing!

  3. hmmmm I paid 50 bucks for those d/l through a website now they are saying they are free?

  4. I am confused. I updated my Gypsy tonight. Now, I wait till November 1 to download the free cartridges? Thanks so much!!! Patti

  5. I did the same thing Patti I didn't get any update FREE Cartridges, are we doing something wrong?

  6. Totally cool! I already have a couple of those from before they were discontinued, but I'm still thrilled to get the rest. Now I just have to be patient until November!

  7. You just have to register it before the 31st, the downloads won't be available until Nov 1st.

  8. So if I already have some of those on my Gypsy, will it overwrite them or just skip those - do you know?

  9. This deal was too good to pass up - I finally jumped on the Gypsy bandwagon and now I have one. Thanks for posting about the promotion!