Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jo-Ann Fabrics and Wal-Mart slash prices on Cricut paper cutters

Below is a portion of an article that I just ran across. In the article it shares with us some of the Black Friday deals for this year. Good sales for the newbies but kind a sad for us old timer's that paid full price for our Cricuts. =(

Check out the entire article by Consumer Search by clicking HERE.

Jo-Ann Fabrics and Wal-Mart slash prices on Cricut paper cutters

Rejoice, scrapbookers! Cricut scrapbooking machines were big sellers on Black Friday last year. Turns out, you can get just as good a deal this year. Jo-Ann Fabrics and Walmart are offering unbeatable prices on two Cricut models.

Cutting a deal on a Cricut
Jo-Ann Fabrics is offering a doorbuster deal on the Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter. This machine usually goes for $399, but it's on sale for $199. That’s a $200 savings for consumers who are able to beat the crowds. We took a look at reviews and found they're just as good as the prices. Over 40 owners review the Cricut Expression at, where it earns a solid four-star rating. The majority of users rave about the machine, praising its efficiency, precise cutting, and versatility with various designs and fabrics., a website for scrapbooking enthusiasts, has over 70 reviews of the Expression. There, the machine receives a perfect five-star rating and users love it.

Also available at Jo-Ann Fabrics is the smaller, less expensive Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter, offered as a Saturday doorbuster for $69.99 (reg. $199.99). We found very positive feedback for the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter on and, where it earns an average score of 4.5 stars. Owners say it's easy-to-use and works just as well as the larger, more expensive Circuit Expression.

Wal-Mart is also offering the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter at an even lower price: $185 with a Cricut Classic Font cartridge included as a free bonus. Consumers should consider their color preference: The Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter is available in aqua, plum, green or canary at Wal-Mart. Although Jo-Ann Fabrics doesn’t specify the color choices available, the machine featured in their circular is white.


  1. Thanks for the update. I have to work that night so probably will miss all the big deals:0(

  2. I'm not sad that I paid full price. Well, I didn't on my baby but did on my Expression. Think about all of the enjoyment we would have missed waiting for these prices.


  3. Did you see the Menards ad? They are offering the expression for $148, for the 5-hour sale. I don't think they have the multiple colors, only white.