Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just So Scrappy and Make The Cut

I found the coolest website for getting files to cut out with my Make The Cut software.

Love love LOVE the ballerina cut below! Toooooo cute!

They have some really nice freebies however most of the cuts you have to pay for but the prices are very reasonable and certainly a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a cartridge when you only want one cut off of it.

Check out the site for yourself by clicking HERE and if you don't have Make The Cut yet, grab that by clicking HERE.


  1. Hi Linda! I have been visiting your blog regularly for some time and I thoroughly enjoy it...even though I am not a collector of Cricut cartridges. I do however have MTC and love it! I have visited the link you posted for the little cuties in Tutus, but am wondering if there is another site for "Digital Cutables", or did you do the trace and cut with MTC? Thanks so much for your help and sharing your love of crafting!

  2. Pat, are you a member of any of the Make The Cut yahoo groups? They share tons of file on those boards also the Make The Cut forum is a great resource for free files, check it out. =D

  3. i can not get the PNG file to cut out clear. They are very cute files on this site, but the ones i like are all png files. Can you help me to figure out how to cut them on MTC???? is there a video that shows how to cut the png files???

  4. Rosemary, Did she not enclose a .svg file? If yes, use it instead. If now, email the gal that made the files and see if she can convert it to a .svg. ~Linda

  5. Linda, You always have the best info and tips! Thank you! I am really interested in how to use the files from this site. I tell which files would work with MTC, and I don't see a help section or tutorial on the files and how they would work with MTC. Would you do a tutorial, or point me in the direction of one? From what I can tell it looks like some of these bundles would include a pattern for papers and images that could be cut...are they piecable cuts that can be layered or what?

  6. Brandi, There is a free program call Inkscape. Download it and then import the PNG and then export it as SVG. Hope this helps, Linda