Thursday, January 13, 2011

Georgia Blizzard 2011

More pictures from our 'blizzard'. Hey, you want to learn how to take pictures like this? Click HERE. ;)





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  1. Hello from New Mexico.
    PLEASE send snow!
    Just got a call from my daughter in Atlanta and they had been in an accident. No one hurt, she was on the way to an OB appointment since she is due next month. Silly woman, she forgot to call and see if they were open. She is still not used to living in the "South" when it snows. Ice is usually the main problem.
    Don't get me wrong we've lived in Nashville and know what it is like. New Mexican's have a hard time dealing with snow, too. However Liz and Nate moved there after 5 years of college in Northern (very snowy) Utah. They do know how to drive in snow but forgot about everyone else and the fact that they have snow chains in their trunk.
    Rambling...sorry. I guess I'm just venting with relief that all is well, USAA insurance is wonderful, and their two year old thought it was great and though the car is "broken" according to Gabe -- that no one was hurt.
    I have enjoyed your pictures. Liz usually sends pictures and goes everywhere with her camera; but hasn't been outside much the last month. She graduated with an MS from Tech in Dec. I'm glad she isn't trying to walk around campus in the ice...that is if it is even open. LOL
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Nancy, what we got was snow first then ice/sleet. And then on top of that the temp has stayed freezing and even in the teens at night so all of Atlanta is froze over. I think its funny that most of the accidents are people that are from the upper states and 'know how to drive in snow'. haha Your's is one of many that I've heard about. ~Linda