Saturday, February 19, 2011

That's So Tweet!

Hello Make The Cut guys and gals, today I have found the most awesome Make The Cut instructional site E.V.E.R!

What's Make The Cut you ask? Well Make The Cut is a 3rd party program that makes your computer and your Cricut machine fall in love and live happily ever after! You'll be able to cut your computer fonts and files without needing to purchase expensive cartridges. Install the demo version of Make The Cut by clicking HERE and you'll see what I mean (or purchase the program by clicking HERE).

What's that?

You're not all that computer savvy you say?

No problem!! Install Make The Cut and then head over to Under A Cherry Tree and before you can say Well I'll Be you'll be a Make The Cut pro!! Seriously!

PS. Be sure to also check out the MTC forum, you'll find TONS of FREE files and great conversation there.


  1. Thanks! I went to here blog and she is doing an amazing job! I have now entered the world of MTC.

  2. Amazing, isn't she! Jin is a personal friend of mine and so talented and willing to share. Her blog got me dusting off my cricut and mtc after years of non-use!

  3. I have to give Jin my endorsement as well. Like Gale, I had my Expression for over a year, collecting dust, as well as MTC (sitting unused!), before her tutorials gave me the confidence to brush them off and take on a craft project for my son's second grade class. They really are step-by-step and so easy to follow!