Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Expression 2

Well now we know why the Expression is so cheap lately.

The new Expression 2 features a full color touch screen, a few new options and most all the abilities of the old Expression. AND it uses all the cartridges including the Imagine cartridges which is a nice feature. It's available for only a short time (according to the video) but PC gives us no information as to price or where to get it.

There's a video over on the Cricut Facebook page. Click HERE to go watch it now. (You'll have to LIKE the fan page if you've not already done that.)

Introducing the New Expression!

This all-new version of the Cricut Expression will only be in market for a limited time and boasts lots of upgrades. The machine features brand new industrial design, colors and finishes and includes a full-color LCD touch screen with faster processing. All the features of the current Cricut Expression are included in Cricut Expression 2, plus many more.

New features include:
New machine design with all-new colors and finishes.
Still 12" x 24" cutting capability. Enables large-format cutting and creating.
Compatible with ALL Cricut cartridges – including Cricut Imagine cartridges. (Cricut Imagine cartridges will only cut images.)
Larger, faster, full-color LCD touch-screen display with stylus. No keypad overlay required!
Mat Preview: See shapes you’re cutting and where they fit on the mat before you cut!
Material Setting: Choose a default setting for materials you often cut such as cardstock, fabric, chipboard, etc OR customize a material setting just how you want it.
Cutting-Area Light: A light underneath the cutting area to let you see where you’re cutting on the mat.
Exclusive cartridge content pre-loaded on the machine.
Swappable side trim pieces.
Longer power cord.
New exciting features to be added through simple firmware upgrades.
Swappable side trim pieces so you can personalize your Cricut, and more.


  1. But did you catch that it is going to be out for a limited time only?

  2. Yes, it's only available for only a short time but with PC we don't even really know what that means. haha

  3. I heard its about 399 and will be available april 26 -27 at midnight on hsn

  4. I heard its about 399 and will be available april 26 -27 at midnight on hsn

  5. Hopefully, there are no glitches with it, as sometimes there are with new machines and I agree with Linda, we don't know what that means.

  6. The anniversary edition in green will only be available for a limited time. (maybe it's an HSN exclusive?) It will launch on HSN on April 26. MSRP is $399

  7. The ANNIVERSARY EDITION is only out for a limited time, but the regular edition of the E2 will be out after that. Any news on what happened at the gala? Did you go, Linda?

  8. Thats right Linda.. but...have to confess.. I love it.. and I have the E the I and the G...
    Provo craft is going to ruin us... cant they at lease wait a reasonable time before they come out with something new.. just go the Imagine a month ago.. Help us God...

  9. It probably means it has exclusive built-in carts that will be different when they come out with the regular E2.

  10. It will be available on April 26 on HSN. IDK what the HSN price will be but it will be priced the same as the expression right now. Which is at MSRP $399. It was also on the facebook fan page. I had to watch it a few times to get all the information. :)

  11. I like the old Expression, with the overlays. I think the new E2 is great, that you can use the Imagine carts with this, but the $$$ and that it's first sold on HSN... that's not fair...PC seems to always come out with very very $$$$$$ items... and then change their minds and by the next yr & then it's on sale!! They should of made something like the Jukebox that you can use the Imagine carts with for about $30. and then everyone could buy one!!!

  12. If it doesn't work with a computer, I don't buy it. I like the creativity of working onscreen.

    I think I'll buy another E1 on sale to have as a backup E.


  13. I don't have an E - but this entices me. I understand there will be a 5 Year Anniversary edition of the E2 and it is limited and will be available on HSN but later a different E2 will be released. I love the look of it and the fact that you don't need overlays but I wonder if it is Gypsy compatible?

  14. It IS Gypsy compatible (I know 'cause I asked the PC guy in the booth at CHA) ... :)

  15. They also say in the video that it is G compatible. ;)

  16. I cannot beleive it! I just ... just ... just purchased the E. I'd been holding off for such a long time. Poop!