Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cricut Craft Room: An Online Design Tool

Details that I've found so far:

  • Cricut Craft Room works with all Cricut machines.
  • Craft Room has similar functionality to Gypsy and Cricut DesignStudio it does not replace either.
  • Cricut Craft Room allows crafters and designers to design with a PC or MAC on a virtual Cricut mat. The interface features drag and drop, one-touch welding, image grouping and sizing, and a search feature to find specific images.
  • You must own the cartridges to cut with them.
  • Craft Room does require an internet connection.
  • You can only cut from a maximum of two computers but these computers can be changed at any time.
  • Craft Room is free.

Click HERE to watch a video on it.


    1. I really hope it is a great thing and we are very happy campers. However, if it runs like the MB does--all I see is a bunch of headaches. Not only for PC but especially for us. I am hoping to high heaven I will be dead wrong. Anyone else remember a certain CEO making promises that things would get better? Think this is one of his answers?

    2. Thanks for the update. It looks good .. and free is good.

    3. That was my question too....when????

    4. The software is expected to be available in April of 2011.

    5. Looks like it will make my Gypsy obsolete. Plus it looks a little easier to use and I can see better with a larger screen.