Friday, February 18, 2011

Design Studio & Gypsy Updates

Design Studio & Gypsy updates are available for download on the Cricut website. When you go there you'll see that the screen still says that the last update is for November, not sure why they don't fix this =\ , anyway, if you download the font pack update you will see that the new version number is V110210...weird huh. As always, remember, don't click on the first download button as this is not a program update but just adding new fonts/shapes AND do not uninstall your program before updating. Just sayin'. Click HERE for the Design Studio update.

For the G, connect it to your computer with a USB cable, then just turn it on and click on your Cricut Sync program. If you've not downloaded the Sync program yet, you can do that HERE.


  1. Thank you. I've been watching for updates there but since the date is still from last Nov I thought it was an old one.