Friday, February 18, 2011

Three New Cartridges from Cricut

Three new cartridges were announced from Provocraft yesterday. 2 for the Imagine and one from Creative Memories. I don't have an Imagine and already have baby cartridges so unfortunately don't find any of these interesting. =(


Cricut Imagine Colors and Patterns, Heirloom

Cricut Imagine Colors and Patterns, Vintage Papers

Creative Memories Stork's Delivery Cartridge (Available exclusively at Creative Memories)


  1. Linda,
    Do you have any idea why PC is making certain carts "exclusive" such as the Stork's Delivery you mention in this post?
    I find it so very irritating that they do this--as I am sure many others do also. I guess PC has some master plan here, I just don't get it.
    Thanks for all you do!

  2. kyscrapper, Sorry to say but with PC, it's all about the money. (after all they are a for profit company). They make these deals with companies to give them an exclusive which guarantees that company that they will get the initial sales when the cartridge is released, in return PC usually gets a higher cut of the profit. ~Linda

  3. Well PC may want to rethink their bottom line. Guess they never heard the old but very true saying, "You don't mess with women shoppers!" which is by & large who buy the carts. This is one of their women customers who refuses to buy a cart that has been an "exclusive" to one store or company & then later released to the rest of us. Same with the Circle thing they are doing.
    I don't mean to vent so much here, I figured it was all about the money as far as PC's deal went, but I just feel they are (pardon my language) hell bent on destroying a good thing here. I know I love my Cricuts (Baby & E) & what I can do with them & my CDS, but I am also a small business owner. If I treated my customers in the manner as PC does theirs at times--I would be toast! That's just how it is!

  4. kyscrapper, I so understand. If everybody would boycott things might change but sadly there are a few zillion collectors out there that buy anything and everything that PC products and in turn this keeps the products in demand which makes it hard for the rest of us. =( ~Linda

  5. Amen Linda! Could not have put it any better.

    I actually know grown women that buy carts as soon as they can possibly get them after launch, knowing they will NEVER EVER use them! Why? Per their own words, "Because it is a Cricut Cartridge and I have to have it."

    Blind leading the blind & NO ONE thinking anymore? Leaves me wondering all the time! I HAVE TO HAVE shelter, water & food. Ya know?

    I know PC is just raking in the dough. And I do not see a thing wrong with making money. The problem I have with PC is the "exclusive" angle they do.

    What are they implying, if x customer jumps through all their hoops they are a better customer than the ones who do not? That makes me very angry. Knowing that business is business and your income sources are precious-- ALL OF THEM!!!

    Even if that is not the intent, I do believe enough people have made them aware of how unhappy they are with what appears to be a playing favorites type thing that it should have been stopped already. I have always disliked any situation that appeared to favor one person over another. It gives an unfair advantage to one over another.

    So I wonder where PC is going with all of this? What is their next ploy going to be? Will it cross that totally unacceptable line? I would hate to give my PC stuff up, but I fear it may come to that given the companys bad history. Yes, things are a little better. But man oh man do they have a long, long way to go.