Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cricut Updates!

Updates all over!

Excerpt from the Cricut Newsletter.

Today's helpful tip comes from Provo Craft's very own Cricut Imagine guru, Chris!

The big update is now available. This update will give greater compatibility between the Gypsy device and the Cricut Imagine machine; will allow you to link Cricut Imagine cartridges to your Gypsy device; adds a few new features to the Cricut Imagine machine; and fixes some calibration, printing, and cutting issues. There is also a Cricut Sync update available that was just released a few days ago (so some of you might already have it). The update is

New Cricut Imagine Features:
Update All - A button in the Project Preview screen. Add as many images/layers to your queue as you like and then press Update All. You can now add the same color/pattern to all images/layers in the queue and size them all at the same time. This feature is very nice if you are cutting out a bunch of letters and don't want to have to individually edit each letter.

Pattern Cartridges - Now, when you insert a pattern cartridge, the Cricut Imagine machine will show what pattern cartridge was inserted and show a sampling of the patterns on that cartridge. This was added because many people thought their pattern cartridges didn't work because nothing showed on the screen after plugging them in.

The Cricut Imagine update should be fairly quick if you have kept your Cricut Imagine machine up to date. The Gypsy device update will take longer. Please be patient and please be sure to follow the instructions on the update site:


  1. Thanks for the heads up can hardly keep up with these things.
    Big Blog Hugs!

  2. Thanks for that info I was totally unaware of the upgrade for the two machines!

  3. Linda I download your cheat sheets a few years ago but I now have an iPad and was wondering if there is a way I can download them to my iPad. I can't even find where are now. Thanks

  4. Sandy, I don't have an iPad but from what I've been told, I think you just download a pdf viewer and view them with that. Hope this helps, Linda